The Grand Isle of Kanigaard
A Brief History:

The Grand Isle of Kanigaard

Kanigaard is a magical land, once the epicenter of a world ruled by the oceans. The enormous crescent isle spanned the Oelstrom Sea from the torbid equatorial waters to a frigid point of land stretching towards the Northern pole. Oelstrom Sea met every Eastern horizon, the nearest land a moon's sail from her shores. To the West lay a dozen island nations. The Esternlunds, a trio of islands not far from the mainland; Lungundia to the North of them; the Outer Isles to the West; and lying quietly to the Southwest was the mystical isle of Eselen.

Other lands lay beyond the waters, beyond the horizon. As young Seamus and Arista explore the world, more of it will be made known to you.

Upon the Isle of Kanigaard, civilization centered in the bayside city of Castle Kanigaard, and radiated from it like so many spokes on a wheel. At the Northern extreme stood the glistening temple city of Norlund. Built ages ago by an ageless priest known as Ashira, Norlund sees days without nights and nights without days.

Between the two cities are the Northlands, fields of whipping wind and brave shepherds. Fishing villages dot the coastline, interspersed with naval outposts.

Beyond the three ranges of mountains west of Castle Kanigaard are the Western Shores, an unforgiven land that is home to a gentle people. Blessed Bay sits to the South, separated from Oelstrom Sea by snaking fjords. Beyond Blessed Bay are the enormous mountains of the South. The way is hard, and few make contact with those who live in the shadows of the tropical giants.

For a much broader view of Kanigaard and her people, reading the book is recommended.


Kanigaard Castle

Nestled on the cliffs over Kanigaard Bay, the castle was born almost two millenia ago. All but the core of her has been destroyed and rebuilt countless times. A city has grown up around her walls, populated by warriors and merchants, fishermen and crafters. The hub of trade for Kanigaard Isle, Kanigaard Castle is also home to the King of the Isle, Loren, son of Robert. The Elite Guard was first created to protect the king, but their duty soon was realized as Protectors of the land.


Norlund became the spiritual center of Kanigaard Isle long ago, at a time still argued over in temples and taverns alike. The great mystic Ashira built his magnificent temple one stone at time over many years. Some say he is 10,000 years old, and still walking the Earth. The city of Norlund grew up between the harbor and the temple on the hill, known the world over as a haven for travelers, wayward sailors, and seekers. Though if ye be Astaroth, come not near, for you shall meet your end.



North of Kanigaard, Kinswen rests on a point of land, looking to the sun always rising over Oelstrom Sea. Between the waters and the plains of the Northlands, Kinswen is home to people of the land. Workers of the sea live here as well, though it mostly shepherds of the plains one may meet in her narrow streets.


A paradise hiding in a valley, on the edge of a crystal lake, the people of Mansito are quick to laugh and slow to work. Everything comes in its time, they'll say to the travelers passing through to Norlund. No need to hurry.



Birthplace of Hyrak, the man who became a god. The lakeside village is unremarkable aside from its legacy. Hyrak lived five thousand years ago, the greatest warrior of his time, and a man of humble heart. He made a plea to the gods, that he could one of them. The Council of Light gave him the opportunity, and so he entered the fabled Trials. He succeeded the daunting task and now sits among the Council of Light.


On the edge of the Inland Sea, more commonly known as Lake Huuntar, the city of Huuntar is a mystery to those who have not made the harrowing journey. The people are jovial and friendly, always ready to help. The homes are well-built of stone, made to last for ages. About half the population are natives, the other half are travelers who came this far, saw the beauty, and decided to never leave.