East of Kanigaard Isle, beyond the Oelstrom Sea, lies the land of Sairanan. If the Lord of the Darklands had a hold on the Earth, it would be in Sairanan. Throughout the Age, the land has prospered and fallen, rising again through adversity. A generation or two past, and the king of Sairanan entered into an agreement with Xanaiat, Lord of the Darklands, and so promised his kingdom to follow the dark lord into his victory — or into his ruin...

For a much broader view of Kanigaard and her people, reading the book is recommended.



The vast majority of the Sairanan's northern half is barren of civilization, occupied primarily by the nomads of the desert. Upon the northwest neck of the land, in the low spot between two large peaks, sits the city of Sairananhal. A narrow swath of jungle separates the city from the encroaching desert, and the sea lies open to the west.

King Ajun's castle emerges from a rock in the center of town, as if it were carved from and into the stone itself. Once, the castle was a symbol of glory, covered in gold and jewels. Thieves scraped the gold from the walls, plucked the jewels from the porticos, and left only the sandstone.

Not long ago, one could engage in many an occupation in Sairananhal. Miners, smiths, jewelers, merchants, fishermen, and more worked their crafts within her walls and waters. Now, there is little work to be found, save that of the military...

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Baleal Desert

Once lush, covered in blankets of green fields, the Baleal Plains were not always as they have become. Centuries of greed and warfare sucked the life from the fields, and the sands crept in.

The jungles were decimated in pursuit of a larger navy. The fields were burned by the sun. The rivers dried to a trickle, if they did not disappear completely into the earth.

Villages once spotted the plains, small centers of agrarian life. The villages have fallen apart, abandoned. Those who chose to survive adapted to desert life, and now wander from place to place, freer than the wind itself.

The desert stops abruptly at the foot of a great range of mountains stretching east to west across the continent. There are no roads through the mountains, no guarantee of safe passage. They are dry and treacherous, and serve a fine purpose.


The Sudnan

The people of the Sudnan are her greatest treasure. Agile, athletic, and living close to the earth, they make magnificent warriors. They fight the best, however, when they are fighting for their own homes. Xanaiat managed to destroy many of their homes and make himself their master.

Accustomed to the abundant jungles of Sairanan's southern side, they prefer thatched huts and small communities to the stone walls of castle cities. Even so, many are pulled from their homeland - most against their will - to sail across the seas in ships bearing black sails.


Kyldar's Peak

On the entire expanse of Sairanan, there lives one silver dragon. At the dawn of this Age, Kyldar was king of the land, king of the air, with many dragonkin flying alongside. Over the centuries, the others disappeared; some by death, some by flying to other lands in hope of finding refuge. Kyldar remained after all others had departed, determined to fulfill his promise of protecting Sairanan until the end of the Age. For if he left as well, who would be left in this place to hold the Light?

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