Ouakin Waters and Surrounding Land

Land Surrounding the Ouakin Waters

The Ouakin Waters are a sea within the land. Between the Outer Peninsulas and the mainland of Kanigaard Isle, the Ouakin grows and wanes with the mighty tides of the Oelstrom. At the highest of tides, when the twin moons nearly align with each other, the water rises above the land at the northernmost part, and the Upper Peninsula becomes the Upper Isle. All the life around the Ouakin can feel the cleansing that occurs. All that is no longer needed is quickly swept out to sea.

Kanigaard Bay sits on the western edge of the Ouakin, directly in line with the Gates of Haelstrom and the usual entry point. Villages and small towns dot the shore to the north of Kanigaard Bay. To the south is the magical Forest of Mikido and sparse moments of human inhabitation. The Outer Peninsulas are home to rugged folk, covered in a magnificent forest, with ridgelines to match. They are villages mostly, few with a population great enough to be called even that. The largest of habitations is not on the Peninsula at all, it is on a spiny island stretching to the Oelstrom Sea. Outlan they call it.

For a much broader view of Kanigaard and her people, reading the book is recommended.

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Kanigaard Castle

Nestled on the cliffs over Kanigaard Bay, the castle was born almost two millenia ago. All but the core of her has been destroyed and rebuilt countless times. A city has grown up around her walls, populated by warriors and merchants, fishermen and crafters. The hub of trade for Kanigaard Isle, Kanigaard Castle is also home to the King of the Isle, Loren, son of Robert. The Elite Guard was first created to protect the king, but their duty soon was realized as Protectors of the land.

The Gates of Haelstrom

The Gates are the last challenge a sailor meets before entering the friendly waters of the Ouakin. Once they have made it so far as to glimpse Kanigaard Castle on the inland side, the novice believe they can relax. The strongest whirlpools tend to interfere with their enjoyment of the view. Keen-eyed captains spot the invisible swirls as they approach, and use their chaotic forces to carry them in. Though Kanigaard's Navy is generally quite quick to clean up the inevitable shipwrecks in the Gates, remnants of broken vessels can be seen on the rocky shores.

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North of Kanigaard, Kinswen rests on a point of land, looking to the sun always rising over Oelstrom Sea. Between the waters and the plains of the Northlands, Kinswen is home to people of the land. Workers of the sea live here as well, though it is mostly shepherds of the plains one may meet in her narrow streets.

Blessed Bay

In the safety of a crescent bay, the town of Blessed Bay blossoms. It is a golden sort of city, with an air of affluence about its structures. Wealthy merchants make their homes here, and many choose to spend their twilight days in this warm and delightful town. The magical Forest of Mikido creeps to the very edge of their bowl in the earth, so most travelers enter from the sea.



The village of Hyrak was named after the man who became a god. Hyrak lived nearly five thousand years ago. He was the greatest warrior of his time, a man of humble heart, and one who conquered every challenge the flesh every brought before him. After a long and valiant life, he made a plea to the gods, that he may become one of them. The Council of Light granted him the opportunity after days of silence, and Hyrak, entered the fabled Trials. Though he was gone from the mortal world for months in his quest to face the and conquer the Trials, he eventually succeeded. Hyrak returned to the human world for three years after, his body always aglow and though quite aged, appeared youthful. When his time was done, he ascended to the heavens and now takes his place within the Council of Light.

The village is unremarkable aside from its legacy. The people are normal, hardworking children of the land. Only those who pass through town gape around the place in awe. Only the priests of Hyrak's Temple keep alive the legend in their own home. For most, they seek only to feed and shelter their own, and none of the locals wish to replicate the great ascension of yore.

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Notable Peaks near the Ouakin

Several mountain ranges live upon Kanigaard Isle. The Central Range runs North and South, just west of the Ouakin Waters. Of the many peaks in this range, a few are notable and somewhat of importance in the unfolding story.

Just above the small village of Paltor, Mount Aruvan rises to the sky. Since the first man told the first story, this peak has been sacred. Long ago, it was a place where the gods on earth went to worship. Nowadays, it is the place where gods on earth go to die to their physical bodies and return to the otherworld.

Higher than most peaks, Mount Mattiste watches over the range, over Kanigaard Bay, and wears a cap of snow throughout the year. Pristine lakes and waterfalls surround Mattiste, running down into the Forest of Mikido. Legends say this daunting peak is home to the last of the blue dragons. Those who have read the first book, however, know the truth.

South of Mattiste is a scree-covered peak with an aura of trepidation. Mount Parhorn could be a volcano, but it never seemed to try quite hard enough. Perhaps it is simply the will of the black dragon that makes his home in Parhorn that the mount never erupts. While Kanigaard would wish this dragon would be the last of the black dragons, too many signs say otherwise.



Outlan would be home to thieves and pirates if it were not a stronghold of Kanigaard's Navy. The bulk of the island is a fortress, with battlements at every direction. Few civilians live upon the small bit of land in the face of the open sea; those who choose to stay live on the edges, and up in the hill.

The Isle of Haelstrom - named so because it sits before the Gates - is a different matter. Kanigaard's military has a presence, but not as total as that in Outlan. Merchants and pirates alike pass through her quarter, and peace is the norm. An usual batch of people make their homes on the small isle, though the wind and waves keep many away.