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Magical, mystical Olunar. Where boats can fly and people live to be multi-centenarians. It is the interior of Olunar that is the mystery. The open shores home the more usual tropical port life. The civilization along the shore goes inland only a few miles, yet rings the land in regular consistency. Beyond that swath, one enters a terribly tangled jungle, an ancient rain forest, and eventually runs up against the mountains.

Surrounding the inner sea, however, are seven cities of incredible advancement. They have learned to harness and channel water, conquer the air, and find peace in living. It is in the heart of Olunar that the faery tales come true.

For a much broader view of Kanigaard and her people, reading the book is recommended.



Atticus has sat upon Sidleyan's for the better part of two centuries, honorary king of the Interior. His way of rule has always been one of kind fairness, and his people have always been happy. Most would be quite satisfied if Atticus lived a hundred years. His greatest advisor, however, has lived tenfold as many years as the wizend Atticus.

The city of Sidleyan is built in layers of concentric circles, each inner circle rising above that outside. Water flows in from the ring of mountains, meanders through the city, falls from one level to the next, and eventually plummets back to the raging river in the deep gorge skirting the outer walls.

Magic lives in Sidleyan, witnessed by their flying boats and intricate mechanisms. After one visit to Sidleyan, one is apt to believe the faery tales.

Olunar Architecture

There is an elven spirit in the structures of Olunar's Interior. A grace and flow that gives way to great strength. While those of the outer lands tend to build homes of wood, and those in the jungles build with thatch, stone is the primary material in the Interior.

Buildings are shaped and carved more than actually built. The seven cities carry an air of magic, as if it were magic that created them. Walls are smooth, and often round. Bridges are arching and graceful. And every structure hints at the eternal.

Olunar is home to a sizeable elven population, though the generations have created a common half-breed of man and elf. One reason the people of Olunar's Interior live so long.

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