Isle of Isman

Map of Isle of Isman by G. Carlson

The Isle of Isman

Kanigaard's nearest sovereign neighbor, Isman serves as the western extent of the Galtic Sea, and the northern extent of the Itnal Ocean. South of Pitamona, the land and climate are quite accomodating. North of the ancient volcano, however, the land is harsh and the climate severe.

The greatest concentrations of humankind are in the southern ports, primarily the Port of Ismanly. Several other towns of notable size are found along the southern coast, as well as a few along the east and west coasts. Ismanly's interior is home to a widely scattered collection of misanthropic folk.

The jagged Northern coast is within the Arctic circle. The small islands beyond are covered in thick sheets of ice. The eastern isles, however, seem to benefit from the warm currents rushing out of Kanigaard's Western Sea. While these small islands experience tremendous swings of temperature throughout a year, arable lands return every spring, and people are too content to leave.

City of Ismanly

In a deep and protective harbor, the once small town of Ismanly became a city. Settlements are few on this island, so the people tend to gather. The Port of Ismanly is a warm and inviting place, especially when one arrives in the depths of winter. A spirit embraces the people, one so strong even the dark nights of solstice cannot dampen.

The heart of Isman Isle is crowned with an ancient volcano, shrouded in mystery.

Northeast Isman

Though situated on the outer limits of the arctic, the seas off Northeast Isman and the neighboring Noreas Islands do not completely freeze over. The channel can become clogged with sea ice in the winter, but the ice always melts when the spring arrives.

A hardy people make their homes in this adventuresome corner of the world. Most have lived here for generations, and can see no greener shores. Travelers come and go, rarely do they stay for long. It takes a peculiar sort to choose this life.


An ancient and dead volcano, Pitamona stands high over the land. Long ago, the Isle of Isman was little more than Pitamona's head protruding from the waters. The volcano erupted in magnificent glory. When the smoke and ash had cleared, an island six times larger emerged.

Even after losing half her height in the long forgotten eruption, Pitamona is tall. Over millenia, rain filled the crater, and an island emerged in the center. The people of Ismanly never go there, for those who do never return.

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