Ilanead, Kanigaard Isle


Ilanead - the mysterious land at the end of the earth. Blocked to the north by the great mountain of Harumanji, guarded to the south by fjords filled with pirates, and guarded to the west by marshy lands devoid of solid ground, Ilanead is a land apart. Her people are varied, and many of them are never known to the outer world. Diminutive folk known as Enuk live quietly in the peaks. Dragons fly wild and free, undisturbed by human frailties.

A vast and humid wilderness, wild and tangled, fills the gap between the Mount of Harumanji and the fjords of Jalihad. Though many inhabitants of the fjord towns are familiar with Kanigul - the language of their northern kin - they speak their own tongue, Junto, and write in their own strange way. Those who live in the fjords consider themselves lucky, for the world they know is perfectly wild.

Ilanead and the town of Jalihad appear in Book II: Knights of Kanigaard. Please visit our books page for availability.



A city built by pirates in their creative ways, Jalihad is a world unto itself. It has been around for some time, first spawned by a small camp on a perfect cove. Over the centuries, new coves have been carved into the coastline, the camp became a village, then a city. Enormous wharves stretch into the wild waters, erasing any lines of separation between land and sea. Masts mingle with rooftops, and the unwary traveler may not ever know when he is walking on solid ground.

Terraced fields are carved in the steep hills rising from the water, varied levels until they are made impossible by the rock of the cliffs. Even here, in this wild place, the people have found a way to farm the bit of earth they have been given.

The Outer Fjords

None but the saltiest of pirates live in the outer fjords of Ilanead. They have taken it upon themselves to guard the way into the Cicra Sea. To be honest, they really only do it for the plunder, because plundering can be such easy work.

The sun is strong here throughout the year. The waters crash fiercely against rocky fingers. When none attempt to sail through, the people enjoy lazy days and warm waves. But when the plunder is to be had, however, then the fun begins.

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Sketch, Traleika, by G. Carlson


Mount Harumanji, the grandest and tallest of peaks on Kanigaard Isle, is the sentinel that separates North from South, East from West. Legends tell of dwarves living within her granite walls, an entire city carved inside the mountain. Since the war a generation past, dwarfkind has not looked upon humanity with any remnant of kindness. Inside the walls they stay, and let the men and women do as they will on the outer surface.


Desperately distant from any place of concentrated human habitation, the mountain known as Traleika is bustling with dragons. Here, they are safe. For only the bravest and most enduring of adventuresome humanity ever come close enough to breathe the crisp wind always whipping around the grand peak. The mountain is a bosom to dragonkind, a home and a safehold.


Cicra Sea

The unhonored protector of the Western Sea, the Cicra Sea is a tropical paradise for those willing to fight for their leisure. Every shore bustles with pirates and their keep. Every wave carries the possibility of danger.

An unspoken truce exists between those of the northern shores and those who dwell on the great mass known as Licandea. An open friendship could possibly benefit all, but a wary distance is much better than open warfare.

The tides through the Cicra are curious. Seasoned seamen have learned their rhythms, but those who trespass these waters are in for a great deal of confusion. They flow mightily with the courses of the twin moons, and take some time to learn. The effect is a cleansing tide that reaches through the many coves and shores around the warm sea. For a ship simply passing through, the only way to guarantee potentially safe passage is to befriend or bribe a pirate vessel, and humbly follow the escort.

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