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Map of Baldara by G. Carlson

The Land of Baldara

To King Olitorr of Baldara, there is no Isador. All the land north and south of the great gash belong to Baldara, and therefore lie under Olitorr's rule. To the white dragons of Isador, however, they could care less what the arrogant young king believes. The dragons make their homes in the ice of Isador, that alone is deterrent enough.

The land of Baldara first appears in Book II: Knights of Kanigaard. Currently preparing for press, check the book page for availability.


Home of King Olitorr, Olitorria is the central city of Baldara. Several other castle-towns dot the landscape between the central hills and the craggy shores, all of whom answer to Olitorr. The king is young and arrogant, and not the least bit generous. His subjects work hard to deny his reign, but Olitorr's hand is quick and wrath furious. More than once, he and his minions have come across the ice dragons trespassing his lands. More than once, those stray dragons did not make it back home.

Perched upon the central hills of Baldara, the small castle town holds sweeping views of the plains to the south, the forest to the north, and a glimpse of the ancient peak. Sometimes, from the heights of her towers, the great ice beyond the gash comes into view. More often, a low and heavy fog obscures that northern horizon.

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Southwest of the Isle of Isman, Baldara fancies itself the crown of the Itnal Ocean.

She is a nation unto herself, with a sizeable fleet to sail the seas. Baldara makes few alliances, yet is not so careful as to prevent the creation of enemies. It has not always been so. In generations past, Baldaran sailors were primarily merchants and traders, sailing every corner of the Itnal Ocean to connect the treasures of the world. Something about the latter end of this Age changed them. Slowly, they began to keep to themselves, seemingly content with their own harvests of land and sea.

The southern coast is quite craggy, with sparse and unsizeable sandy bits that could in any way be called beaches. Plains stretch inland, broken now and then by stands of trees. Once, a forest stretched from sea to sea across Baldara. Now, the only intact forest is that along the northern edge, before the gash in the land. The central land is built of rolling hills, and fields brimming with produce.

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Icelands of Isador

The Isle of Baldara is separated from Isador by a long gash of sea. The two island-continents are connected at a single point by an ancient peak. The waters of the ocean run beneath the mountain, and could serve as a passage if not for the ice frequently clogging the way.

No men live in Isador, nor women for that matter. Only the dragons of the ice, the White Dragons of Isador. Led by a fiercesome beast known as Warhorn, the white dragons keep to their own and viciously protect their land. Long ago, they were on friendly terms with the people of Baldara, but Olitorr's frequent assassination of Warhorn's messengers put quite a damper on diplomacy.

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Sketch of Kanigaard Castle as seen through the Gates of Haelstrom by G. Carlson

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