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The world of Kanigaard has always been, yet it sometimes seems that it is still to come...for the dragons are awakening, both in the pages and in the passing of days.

Dawn is often distant when the world is dark, but inevitably light will come again to the world. In the ceaseless battle between good and evil, an unexpected choice changes the course of all.

When the Prince of Darklands calls out to an ancient silver dragon, he does not do so to complete his duty. He calls for forgiveness. Longing for the Light, weary of enduring an eternity serving his dark kingdom, Zekarich sacrificed everything to finally know freedom.

In the wake of his destiny-changing decision, the way is paved for new heroes to rise, some of them mere children when they step onto their paths. The world will never be the same.

Darkness has slowly crept across the world throughout this ending age, absorbing souls, eager to reign in the Age to come. Yet through the Darkness, a beacon of Light has always stood strong on the western edge of the Oelstrom Sea - the vibrant land of Kanigaard Isle. From her bosom come children of pure heart, those who may sway the tide. One of these children bears Zekarich's soul, formerly known as Prince of the Darklands.

Seamus Avidar survived a mighty storm, drifting into Kanigaard Bay when he was nearly three years old. Nurtured by his frail mother's gentle heart and guided by the wisdom and experience of Kanigaard's bravest knights, he would come to know love, sorrow, victory, and loss. Young Avidar will be the first to renew mankind's ancient alliance with the slumbering dragons; for he remembers what it means to be a friend.

Young Sven Britnar - son of a shepherd with a warrior's soul - came to Kanigaard lands after a harrowing youth. He knows the way of the staff, and is eager to learn the way of the sword. Until his own destiny presents itself, he seems to care little about his mysterious past. A duty possesses him, and a hunger he cannot quite explain drives his sword. He might have considered becoming a dragon's friend if it weren't for that black creature of his youth trying to burn his home and steal away a few sheep.

Sky Rin Laan - noble, hardworking child of the sea - born and bred in the outskirts of Norlund. Son of a son of a son of a sailor, and nephew to the best boat-builder Norlund's ever known. He has his secrets he shares with only his uncle.

Aristana, the raven-haired princess who is walking magic, presents a new facet to the mystery - pieces perhaps we should never know. She enchants the young dragonrider with the sparking blue eyes, for he has enchanted her.

Together, these children grow to be warriors and friends - always holding among them the delicate balance of Darkness and Light. The future of the world lies in their hands, and not one knows the true power they hold.

Each with a past shrouded in mystery, each with a future destined for greatness, each alive in magic and dream: these are the Children of Kanigaard.


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